Slightly better graphics, worse announcing, glitchy controls, and lots of home cooking

User Rating: 6 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 PS3
The graphics of Tiger Woods 10 are better than any offering in the series, but as with so many EA Sports games of late, it appears that the graphics were all the designers were focusing on when improvements were considered.

TW 10 adds a new putting mechanic, which feels like a good thing...until you use it. The glitchy controls that have always been a part of the system (swinging at 60% on any club is nigh to impossible) make putting a guessing game. The controls are especially problematic when wind comes into play - and the wind seems to be of the moonsoon variety way more frequently than in real life. Realtime weather was supposed to be a helpful feature, and here's hoping you love it as an option, because you can't change it once a season has begun. Lots of limits, few new opportunities.

The announcing is redundantly redundant. Scott Ven Pelt misses about every third call (when he's not repeating the last call) and Kelly Tillman's role appears to be to correct him or talking about your inconsistent putting on this hole (which usually has nothing to do with your actual putting record for the tournament). If EA is going to put this little effort into the commentary, why bother with it?

Finally, I know EA views Tiger Woods as an important member of it's athlete stable, but does his ego really require him to win or compete for the win in every tournament? In my current PGA season, Tiger has won seven out of seven tournaments, and has posted rounds of 56,57,59,60 (three times), 61 (four times) get the point. We know he's talented, but even the most casual viewer of real-world golf knows that Tiger competes for the win in only 30-40% of the tournaments he enters. It's the reality of golf, yet the designers seem to feel it isn't right if Tiger isn't the champ every week. After seven weeks where I've finished number two five times, Tiger's FedEx cup lead on me is over 2,000 points - in week seven!

In the end, this is a typical EA sports game of the last few years. Heavy on style, light on substance, with mechanics that are a hell of a lot more like the arcade than the real world. If you want an arcade golf game, fine. But don't advertise this Tiger Woods ego trip as an accurate simulation of the game.