"We can make him faster, stronger, faster...to hell with that!"

User Rating: 7.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 PS3
Well once again we are back at the tee ready to send some little white balls hurling through the sky in Tiger Woods 2010. With a new putting system in hand Tiger Woods is ready to reclaim the only unchallenged throne in video gaming.

Gameplay: If you've played a Tiger Woods game before then this will feel very similar, the only addition to this game from years passed is the new putting meter. This meter works on a series of clicks, almost like a pitch meter on a baseball game. This mechanic I found to be more annoying than effective so I quickly switched back to the original analog putting controls. Everything else is the exact same. There's the 3 click meter if you choose to use that or as always you can switch to the analog swing. I much rather prefer the analog swing but that's your call to make.---Now if you haven't played a Tiger Woods game before let me break this down for you. You swing your club by pulling back on the analog stick followed by a thrust upwards. Going to far left or right on the stick will cause you to shank the ball in the respective direction. To apply extra power to the swing, mash the "x" button repeatedly. To apply spin on your ball you do the same while the ball is in air. Putting works the same way. You may also change the pitch that your club is hitting the ball. This allowing you to get under it for some more air time or get on top for more of a line drive feel.

Sound: Can we say repetitive? No? How about annoying? This year they have added Scott Van Pelt from ESPN fame to go along with the female Kelly something who has been there for the past few years. This commentary is honestly the worst I've heard in a sports game. I'd much rather hear Dick Vitale scream "Yeah Baby" a thousand times then here there dole, boring, repetitive and annoying commentary. Nice crowd noise, although I think it may be a little to loud for realism, but none the less it's nice having people cheer for you after sinking that impossible eagle put.

Graphics: I honestly don't think they have changed anything about the graphics. It looks almost the same as last years release. There solid by any means but some updates would have been nice. The crowd could use a serious graphic overhaul. I mean seriously, there just standing there doing nothing, why cant they at least look decent.

Tiger Woods 2010 is a solid golf game with good enough graphics with just one big problem. It's is almost identical to last years with the exception of a new putting scene which you will likely abandon right out of the gate. While yes this is a good game, it'd be a better idea to purchase '09 instead of 2010 along as your not trophy hunting.