How could anyone play golf games on any other system?

User Rating: 8.6 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 WII
I love this game, today my arms feel like I played a real 18 hole course yesterday. The first thing to know is the control system is great, although it does not copy a real swing 100%, it is far closer than I imagined it could be. The power and precision are required and this makes for a very satisfying feeling when you make a great shot. It occasionally reads the back swing as a forward swing that can be annoying but it only happens approximately 1 out of 100 shots ( for me anyway ). I can see myself playing this game for a long time to come. It has loads of match styles good multiplayer options & of course a whole 5 years PGA tour. It has a fun ranking and earnings system where you can get sponsorships and earn more money based on your clothing, balls, and clubs used on the tour. Graphics now we know the Wii is not the power house of the PS3 but the grachics are fine for what we need, yes the deer in the background I bet look awesome on the PS3 but to be honest I don’t care about that. Summing up, if you like golf & golf games this is going to be a must have game in your collection & even though it’s multi platform the Wii is the only one to have it on for the pure feel of the swing.

Just a quick update, after playing for 20ish hours now, I can still say I love this game it really is a game where you improve with practice. But there is plenty of challenge it is certainly not a case of winning every thing you start. I highly recommend this game and if EA continue to use the Wiimote this well there games will be amongst the best on Wii.