Tiger Woods PGA '06 is a fun, solid golf game that would do any video game golfer proud.

User Rating: 7.7 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
Tiger 06 is alot of fun, but its weak presentation and dubious value hurt what could have been a great next generation debut. Instead these flaws bring it down from the rank of "next gen", and make it a game that can, at best, be described as adiquete.

The gameplay in Tiger 06 has been revamped to add more strategy and skill by cleverly mapping the mechanism to the left analog stick. What happens here is you pull back on the stick to start your backswing, and push forward to execute the swing. How hard you hit the ball depends on how fast you pust the analog stick up, and how far you go into your backswing. If your analog stick is pushed a little to the left when you push forward, just like in a real swing the ball will drift a little to the right. This is quite a revolutionary mechanic for golf games, and it brings us out of the timing meter age. Also, with the right stick you can select which part of the ball you want to hit, which adds even more strategy to the gameplay.

As far as graphics go, this game is unimpressive. Sure, there is alot more detail in the player model than the current gen versions, but the courses look identical to the current gen versions. Even the player models look mediocre at times because of the wonky skin textures. The sound does much better than the visuals because of the wonderful ambience whenever you are on the course (birds chirping, waves crashing), and the humorous commentary. The only problem with the commentary is that there is not much of it, and not all of it is timed well. Also, crowd noises are weak. There is a pretty good soundtrack in the game, but you'll only hear the songs during menu time.

As far as value goes, this game can hold its own. The single player is fun and the multiplayer is solid, but the inclusion of only 6 courses is inexusable. Still, this game could last you a while.

Overall, Tiger 06 is a fairly good attempt an next gen golfing, and while the graphics aren't quite there yet, the gameplay makes up for this in more ways than one. Recommended to golfing fans.