Fun golf game but the graphics could use a major upgrade

User Rating: 8.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 PC
There's no denying this is a fun golf game with plenty of options for single and multiplay. Unfortunately even at full graphic detail the bitmaps are too low resolution. Coastlines are giant polygons with stretched bitmaps to represent sand and rocks. The trees look nice at the highest resolution though there aren't enough of them to make the course look real. The biggest graphical drawback is the representations of the greens and grass. All of this looks like a few big flat textures where there really should be lots of moving grass animations and shadowing to represent blades of grass. The graphics are jarring and take you out of the game.

Given games like Far Cry, there's plenty of opportunity to make a game with greenery that looks real on medium to high-spec PC's. I think what happened here is that the game was ported to PC after it was made to the consoles and the they never bothered to make the game look better at the higher resolutions that the PC can do over consoles. Again, this is a great game. The graphics aren't dreadful. They are behind the curve though and you will notice the deficiencies.