rent before you swing

User Rating: 7.1 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
Rented this one from Gamefly after hearing a couple of iffy reviews about it and unfourtunatly they were right. This Tiger Woods game is unlike any other in the series. When I first started playing there jsut seemed to be a total difference in the way it was.

The graphics dont look next gen like most of the EA Sports games for the 360. But the very detailed charecter creator was a blast to work with. However it ended there once I actually got into the game.

The gameplay has you going into alot of like training games to bring up your charecters skill level. Which is very boring and repetitve. Also unlike the previous Tiger Woods games there are only 6 courses which is a huge let down. When I was done with my charecter I decided to check out the variety of onlline options available on LIve. When I started playing I found the real reason for Tiger Woods was online you work your player up so that he is good enough for online and then you can get all the achievements which are for the online mode. Online itself is a slow and frustrating process with so much lag it was hard to time my swing to get the best shot.

Overall this game is a nice start for what they can do with Tiger Woods 07 if they improve the courses, extras that were in the later games, and make the whole experience of the online games I think the future is bright for the TW games to come other wise skip this one unless you are a hardcore TW or golf fan.