A very enjoyable and challenging round of golf.

User Rating: 8.3 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
When you play this game do not exspect a walk in the park. In fact don't exspect anything. Sometimes your shots that looked destined for the fairway will hit a hazard you never saw coming. Once you reach the green don't exspect an easy trip to the bottom of the cup. There are some greens that are so slanted that you don't know the ball managed to stop in the first place. Overall though this diffiultie will keep you back for more. The shot stick responds fairly well to your actions and usually you know right away if your going off course or not. Gameplay is enjoyable but flawed in some instances. Sometimes when you move your aiming reticle it will still act as though it was aimed where it first was. So that beautiful shot you spent precious minutes lining up might go squirly.

The character creation process is one of the most thorough ones ever found in game. There are seemingly endless ways to make your character as ugly or good as you like. As you travel through career mode you will find even more ways to make your charactor your own.

Career mode thrusts you into a dream of a situation. Your on the 18th hole of Pebble Beach and you have a partner. He's just your everyday golfer named Tiger Woods. He's there to bail you out of the rough, sand, or whatever else you will find in that course. This starts you on your journey to becoming a professional golfer. The career mode is full of entertain and different events to really bring some variety to the gameplay. Sometimes the profession opponets are anything but professional. Somedays they will play great and somedays they can't make a two foot putt. Many times however you will find that the goals and competitions are just way too demanding. They seem to be able to just one up you all the time, planting that seed that if you wouldn't have errored that last hole you would've won.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 is a worthwhile venture into next gen consoles. With the very challenging play it may not be for the less patient among us. If you can withstand this torture you will find a good time in this game.