i would reccomend tiger 06 than 07 or 08.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 PS2
I have had tiger woods 06 for almost two years and am finnaly reviewing it,Lets start of with the gameplay.The gameplay in tiger 06 is very good with deep ball physics and good control put i must point out that it seems whenever you plan to hid the ball straight you pull the shot almost every time so i always have to aim down the right side of the fairway.There are alot of new golfers in tiger 06 such as Luke Donald Ian Poulter Chris Dimarco Mike Wier and alot of fantasy characters Including Tiger himself.
There are 26 golfers in the game and most handle very well but now that you have a voice creation thing there is this fantasy character Raja kumar and he is 11 years old but he sounds more like an old man than a kid. In fact he dosen't sound like a kid at all.other than that creating a golfer is a blast with unlimited faciel creations at your disposel and everything works out very well.Unfortanetly Gery Mccord and david Ferehty are back but don't have anything new to say.There are 21 courses in tiger 06 with four fantasy courses and 17 real courses but the fantasy courses seem a little exaterated.The new tiger challenge is called rivals mode where you have to defeat all the fantasy golfers and some older ones like seve ballesteros ben hogan and eventualy tiger and you can also travel back in time to some old fantasy and real old golfers like old Tom morris.The graphics in tiger 06 are a little bit better than 05 but you won't have what time you tee of or anything like that.overall tiger woods pga tour 06 is an awsome golf simulation and never seems to get old so if you have a ps2 tiger 06 is more deep than 05 and even 07 so it is a good choice.