Tiger WoodsPGA Tour 2006 is a great game, but compared to other installments, it is lacking something not named.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 PSP
The Tiger Woods series has served up hours (and days) of fun from its first installment to this one. This is a good game, but it seems that the producers may have rushed to release this title. The game lacks the lustre that the other iterations have and therefore seems much the same as the last/first title that was released. The commentary is exactly the same and at times muffled and boring. The graphics remain the same as the last model, which indeed were good; but still lack that new version feel. Much if not all of the inventory is the same cluttered mess. The new modes of putting and rivals are great additions to the game however. The rivals mode allows you to almost directly challenge each of todays golfer for your spot to the top. Putting has become more of a challenge, (at times almost too hard). There is just something missing from this game that I can't name that permits it from being a class A+ title. Overall I think this would be a great title to add to anyone's collection for about $15.00 or less.