Close, but not quite.

User Rating: 7 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
I got this one on the bargin rack so it didn't hurt quite as bad when I wished I had went ahead and purchased the 07 version. Guess I shouldn't be such a cheap scape! Don't get me wrong, it wasn't aweful, but it could've been much better. The good points are being able to customize your player. The controls were aweful, however I found trying to make the power shot a waste of time. The bad was the graphics and the AI of the players. Some of their comments reminded more of Rainman than of a golfer. "Yea, definately got to get on the green. Oh, the rough, rough, yea definately not the rough...ohhh) I thought it was about 5 years behind in graphics and AI. Load times were a little slow based on the quality of the graphics.

Now that 07 is out, I would recommend that you follow ol' Cheap Scape's advise and purchase the improvement.

I, of course, turned the voices of the commentators down as that I would've shot them if I could find who was making those annoying comments. Yes, I suck at golf almost as much on the computers as I do in real life.

So, if you want a cheap, bargin rack game to hack some golf balls around got to your local gamer store and take it off their hands. If your looking for a good golfing experience, spend the money, you tightwad!