It may not have a lot, but of what it's got, it's got a lot of.

User Rating: 8.1 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
It would have nice if this game had more than just courses. But when you add in everything else this game offers, a shortage of courses is easily overcome.

First of all, I was able to create an almost perfect accurate version of me in the create-a-golfer mode thingy. So it gets big points for that.

The graphics are great. Tiger is perfectly modeled and the courses look fantastic. The other golfers are fairly accurate, but hey, you probably wouldn't recognize them in person either.

I had never played a golf game before, so I'm not sure how the gameplay compares to that of previous versions or other golf games, but I do know that it was quite easy to learn how the game works and that it was very functional. So in my book, that's good.

Most importantly, the difficulty of the overall game is perfect. Even when you have maxed out all of your stats in a well done career mode, you'll still find yourself battling from behind half the time, which puts more emphasis on the decisions you make in how to play, such as club type or how you hit the ball.

Golf fans will probably love this game. I myself am not a golf fan, but this game is both very fun and highly addictive.

Now if only we had a golf cart mini-game...