Tiger gets a Next-Gen make over.

User Rating: 8.2 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 for the 360 brings a slightly new control scheme and some next-gen graphics.

The game modes are pretty much the same as all the other past games in this series. You have the PGA Tour season, multiplayer, lessons, but the new twist instead of a match play tournament like the others ( I believe it was the Tiger Challenge or something like that in the others) you have skill challenges and some head to heads with players and all of the available courses in the game.
All that said that's were it fall all over itself. While the graphics are next-gen and so is the price you get 8 courses as opposed to 18 on the last and 20+ on the PC version. So the next-gen price tag is not warranted at all. The game will give you just the same experience as on the last installments of the series and with the new graphics Tiger and the others never looked so good.

The create a player feature remains the most detailed, in depth customizable options in a video game.

The multiplay in nice online and with a few friends. Overall I would wait for the next one when they have put the proper time into the game and not rushing it out for launch like they did here. But it is still a pretty good game, just not worth the extra price and not enough gameplay.