Hard but excellent...

User Rating: 8.6 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 GC
This game was so good and for one reason.. I didn't master it in the first 10 minutes like I did the other games.
This game was much harder and I loved it. It made me try to become better than what I used to be. It didn't give me easy lay ups, gave me more options, gave me a chance to make cooler things happen and so forth. It's the total package..
Only one problem and it's a problem they've always had. Golfers.. what a bad selection and bad number of golfers. I love golf and I keep track of it and these golfers are a bad selection. You need atleast 40 golfers and you need the big names. Wheres fred funk? fred couples? and so forth. Missing such great golfers for no reason. The big names should be in here and they deserve too. I want to play as other guys other than these golfers we've always played as throughout the series. This alone makes the rating drop immensely for me.
Overall, the best out of the series and I loved the game but the lack of golfers drop its 9.0 worth rating to something in the 8.0s.