My favorite golf game to date......

User Rating: 8.3 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
I was very surprised when I started to play this game. I was not expecting myself to enjoy it as much as I do. I was looking for a game to take up some of my time other then Oblivion. I figured there was no way that any game out right now could ever be able to match the greatest game ever. Now it didn't match Oblivion (of course) but I've found myself playing it none stop and realized last night that I hadn't played Oblivion in a week (OMG). If you enjoy golf or just enjoy sports games, this is a great addition to your 360 library.
One of the best parts that makes me play this more and more is the fact that in the career mode you actually have to finish some side tasks before you can compete in Q-school to see if you can make it to the pro level. In the past golf games I've played you just started playing tournaments and usually you got your a$$ handed to you. With this game you build up your different attributes and have to practice different parts of your game before you can play in the tour.
The game play and controls are very user friendly also and are at the perfect difficulty so you can't just master it right away but at the same time you don't suck right away either.