Hours of gameplay, nothing revolutionary, but certainly engaging.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 PC
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 provides an interesting take on the traditional golf games from the franchise.

The year specific mode (Rivals Mode) is clearly the highlight, exposing the player to many different themes and challenges which keep it interesting and stimulating.
Character creation/customization is almost unlimited (for instance I was able to make a perfect Vic Macke) combined with the plethora of clothing and equipment you unlock gives you hundreds of options for evolving gameplay and a unique look.
There is a staggering amount of gameplay hours in this title, and if you can pick it up reasonably priced I'd highly recommend it, just playing through Rivals Mode and a bit of the PGA Tour, I culminated almost 1500 holes played.
The gameplay is reasonably challenging (though at times does become a bit monotonous and easy) with Rivals Mode forcing you to use primitive, less accurate and powerful equipment, as well as constantly changing weather conditions and a widespread opponent difficulty, leading you to occasionally replay a hole due to a stray stroke, or a lucky putt from an opponent etc. However, to begin with it's quite difficult due to your beginning golfer being an absolute amateur, hitting inaccurately and inconsistently right through to when you have high skills, and equipment and routinely drive 350 metres, and birdie or eagle most holes.

In summary, the pros:
- EA naming rights
- Huge gameplay
- Lots of variety in holes, opponents, game modes etc
- Huge player customisation
- Solid golf mechanic (don't settle for 3 click golf games)
- Nicely rounded package with voices (I particularly enjoy David and Gary in commentary) sound effects, graphics and gameplay

- If you're not a golf enthusiast, this game could literally be TOO LONG for you.
- Golf mechanics can still sometimes shaft you (for example it is almost impossible to do a perfect power shot) as well as camera angles freaking out sometimes
- Gameplay can become monotonous in a fashion.

Overall it's an enjoyable game that represents the golf genre solidly, providing a huge gameplay experience, that is fun and challenging, bolstered by EA's ownership of the naming rights meaning you're playing real life people and competing in real life tournaments for that extra realism. Pick up a copy.