Perhaps too easy to play, but extremely fun.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 XBOX
Gameplay: Tiger 06 has controls that are pretty standard for the series. Swinging the club is easy and once a gamer gets it down they can really punish the ball without fear of sending the shot into the rough. Also, there is not much of a penalty for taking a risk and failing, so gamers will likely find themselves trying to pull of some really ridiculous shots. Putting is very easy once you get it down, so two putts will be rare. The gamebreaker is used in this game and anyone who has it and knows how to use it will dominate the hole they are playing on (luckily it can be stolen). With gamebreaker a player can add extra distance to a drive, make ridiculous putts, or guarantee (most of the time) someone a ball in the cup from 200 yards in. It also leads to some hilarious moments as balls will sometimes climb vertical hazards or break exrememly right or left in an effort to get into the hole. Tiger has the best create a character system I have seen, allowing you to change almost every feature on your golfer. The main portion of the single player game is a lengthy climb through golf's eras to be the greatest golfer of all time. Although it may sound scary, your golfer will gain attributes quickly and soon will be able to beat golf's greatest with ease. Once you complete this challenge you can take your golfer on tour and compete to win championships. There are many types of golf games to play such as stableford and battle golf if you get bored with standard golf. Finally, there are many courses to play, both real and created.

Graphics/Sound: Good graphics for XBOX. Commentating is handled by McCord and Feherty who will make you laugh and sometimes tick you off.

Storyline: You are trying to be the greatest golfer of all time.

Multiplayer: Multiplayer shines in this game. Playing against your buddies is extremely fun and will eat up hours of your time. This is likely where you will face your biggest challenge as your friends are better than most of the computer golfers. I never played online with Tiger Woods 06, so I will not review this portion of the game.

Overall: This is an outstanding game that brought me many hours of enjoyment. Sadly, I have not seen a Tiger game on the 360 that matches this one for number of courses, number of golfers, or great Tiger Challenge play. I would recommend this Tiger game to anyone.