Much better improvement from last year's game.

User Rating: 9.2 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
This game has much more to offer the 05 Tiger Woods. The graphics of this game are pretty damn good. Which I have yet to see a game come out from EA that they haven't done a good job on graphics on any console. I like the fact that you do even more with game face, to me that makes the game very distinct. With game face you can make your personal golfer look exactly like you and I think that is pretty cool espically when you are playing online. The golf courses are even better looking on the X360, I like the detail of making the grass move with the wind speed. I still think that that they could have done a better job with the way a player looks when he or she is actually in move ment ( when in back swing ). But all in all the graphics have gotten better and they are still impressive. The sound is still well done but there is no improvement. The slection of music was what was expected from EA, but not improved. I still like the sound they produced when hitting a ball with cretin clubs still gives you a good effect of playing golf. I still think that they need to have a option to be able to play the music that EA offers while you are playing a golf tournament or a golf round. Game play is very tight and exciting. I like the idea of being able to hit the ball with back spin or keeping it low to the ground, I also like how they use the play of the fade and hook. But I don't like that when you go to hit the ball with back spin, fade, or hook you can't use you power at it's fullest. But I like it better than using the D pad for you'r fade or hook, it should be that if you don't swing the club straight that you get a flop of a shot rather than just a slice or a hook, it's more like real golf that way. I also like how they made the glof greens harder, putting has always been to easy when actually it is the hardest part of golf. They are making you not only take the slop of the green in affect but also the wind and direction of the grass. The gamebraker is awsome idea because you can use it in many diffrent ways and it dosn't affect just putting, you can use it for chiping, short game, or long game. The online game play is fare but it is not exciting, not much to say on that subject. But all in all the game makes me come back for more and it is challenging no matter how good you get or how many time's you play. And it's a good game to have friends over and you all can play and get drunk doing so.