Hell, it's golf and 360 so can't be all bad.

User Rating: 7.9 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
I have always loved golf sims, and this is what we got on the 360, only game in town.

First if you love golf sims, it is a gas.

But if you are tired of EA's half ass attention to detail, sloppy dev, glitch crazy early release that they do, then there are a few things that will drive you nuts. Feels very reminiscent of the first Tiger release on PSP, fun but production issues.

While it looks very nice, it is not one of the games that will floor you. And honestly the number of frame rate issues are mind blowing, not like there is a lot of stuff flying around the screen in a golf game.

Courses are nice, but some of the texture in background like buildings, club-houses etc., feel like short cuts.

Game action is good, real swing is solid, draw/slice good. Not sure yet why I am earning money though as I have yet to be able to find a place to spend it?

Some of the AI around VO in reaction to shots is broken, they will call out what a great shot, and it goes into a trap or rough, or vice versa what a terrible shot and you just stuck it within feet of the pin. So, same old limited voice comentary that plagues Tiger games, turn it off.

So you need a golf game, get it. And then hold on that maybe next release EA get's their act together.