TW06 introduces a few new gameplay changes and still has plenty of features to keep you coming back.

User Rating: 9 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 PS2
I recently picked up TW06 after having it for 2 years, brand-new and unplayed, I figured why not try it out? So I did, and I can't get enough of it. First of all, the game has a great GameFace feature which allows you to create a character virtually just like you, take him on Tour, increase his/her attributes, and use in multiplayer. This character is a result of your accomplishments on the field of course, and can get sponsored relatively easily by a multitude of different companies and manufacturers of the golf world. Whether you are an avid golfer, weekend putter, or haven't even played the sport in your life, TW06 and its counterparts are fun and challenging, addictive and rewarding, for anyone. You would be surprised how many different modes there are in the game, and you may think, "Wow, how many different things can you possibly do with golf?" The answer is "A lot." The different modes include stroke play, match play, and a semi-new feature called Battle Golf (which is definitely something interesting). These modes and many, many more are what keep you coming back to Tiger and his series as they frequently give you the sense that you can do better and improve your skills and technique. I have yet to play this game online but I would assume it's just like other EA Sports titles, with tournament boards and ranking, so that may make this years golfer worth it in your book also. I myself simply enjoy advancing my character through the games many modes, seeing what I can do as I increase my stats and continue my quest in the new Rivals mode. If you are interested in a game that will keep you wanting more then check out Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, or for that matter any TW game out right now. It's not just golf, it's fun.