The mechanics have changed for the better, making this game more challenging and more fun.

User Rating: 9.2 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 PS2
The first noticeable difference this year is the putting aspect of the game. No more "9 inches left, 11 inches long". Instead you're going to actually read the green, which seems very difficult at first, but becomes more understanding after playing the game several times. With that said, the rest of the game will still seem very familiar. Another major change to this years edition is the ability to target exactly where you want to hit the golf ball. The most important use of this new feature is being able to get under the ball when you really need a high arch in your shot. Of course, hitting the ball on the top will give you a low, line drive. It doesn't sound very helpful, but it definitely makes more sense when you actually play the game. There is still a grocery list of courses to play on, so you'll never get bored of the courses. The Rivals Mode is certainly top notch, adding substance to the game, and certainly adds hours upon hours of play time. Don't plan on completing the Rivals Mode in just a rental. If you are serious about playing this game, definitely buy it. Rivals Mode takes you through the different eras in golf history, playing anywhere from the 19th century up to today's modern era. You can even dress your character up in apparel that matches the era you're currently playing. Graphics are still just as good as they've always been, but nothing really major has been updated as far as the visuals and animations go. Creating your own character is still just as detailed as always, and there is no reason that your shouldn't be able to make your character look just like yourself. The sounds have improved in one part, but declined in another. The songs found on this game are pretty lame, with Dave Matthews being the only artist on the list. The rest of the songs are studio-produced with no lyrics. However, the improvement is made by adding phrases to the characters. While you're playing out on the course, you'll hear some comical dialog from your opponents as well as your own character. This game will easily give serious golfers over 100 hours of fun. As for me, I'll be playing online for the next year or so, so I'll easily put in 500 hours on this game. With the "enhanced" play mechanics and the removal of Tiger Vision putting (THANK GOD!), this years Tiger Woods golf game is easily the best so far. Gamespot was a little more harsh on this game. Reading Gamespot's review revealed a lot of negative comments, and not many positives, but yet they still gave it an 8.1 rating, which is very confusing. If anything, they should've given last years game (Tiger Woods '05) a lower rating than this years.