Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, Its Ok, But Not What Its Cracked Up To Be!

User Rating: 6.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 XBOX
Hello All You Golf Fans, I'll tell you, I was really looking forward to this game coming out this month, but, I find myself alittle upset at how the game is in some areas. First off, The Graphics are great, Second, the swing mechanics are the same as 2005. Third, The sound effects of the game have improved some, for instance when a ball goes into the water it sounds like a slash instead of a ker-plunk like in 2005. What I don't like about the game is the sluggishness of the game play. The game seems to slow down a tadbit when driving off the tee or hitting the ball from the fairway. I don't like the way the attributes are set up, you can't put your upgrades where you want to on the attributes. I don't like the gamebreaker mode, because I feel its a bit of overkill for power, you already have powerboost, you don't need that gamebreaker. Also, I don't like the commentary it seems to be the same tracks they had on 2005 with very little difference. The voice over on the players are a nice touch, but, they can be pretty repetitive in what they say. I don't like the call shot feature either, it makes me feel like I'm shooting pool, not playing golf. The putt control should have been left alone, because I don't like the grid and I don't like the new putt control at all. Don't get me wrong, if your a true golf fan, this game is cool as far as that goes. But, I feel like once you have the mechanics of the game right don't touch it, improve only on graphics and sound effects. However, I will still continue to play on, and hope you all do the same. Take care! -Crete-