Tiger Woods on the Xbox 360 makes for a decent, if not all around great game golfing game, though it is far from perfect

User Rating: 7.8 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
Tiger Woods on the Xbox 360 makes for a decent, if not all around great game golfing game, though it is far from perfect. The first question you may ask however is this: "Is it Next Generation?" The most straightforward answer to that is a simple "no". Sure the visuals are easy on the eyes, but it is clear that this game (along with the entire EA launch line-up) was a rushed production.

The visuals are nice and crisp in HD, and all character models, environments and elementals are superior to previous generation efforts, but this is hardly showing the capabilities of Microsoft's new wonder box. As a matter of fact, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 is going to be looked back on as rather hideous when the sequel rolls around several months from now.

Still, what we have here is the best-looking game in the series, so now you must be wondering if this actually makes it the best iteration of the long running and hugely successful franchise. Again, the answer would still be a "no". The reason? Well, this game - much like many of the other launch games EA delivered - has been hacked down to a smaller size than its predecessors. In order for them to ensure plentiful sports games were available from day one, they had to make some cutbacks. Gameplay has suffered, visuals are choppy, and the controls are not as tight and accurate and so on and so forth.

But fear not, in spite of those complaints, EA deserve credit for their efforts with not just this game, but also Madden, NBA, Fifa and a few others. They had a few short months to make these games, and their efforts should be applauded. As a starting point for the future of sports titles on the next generation, EA have delivered a flawed but still satisfyingly good line-up. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 is one of the best games in this line-up, but as previously mentioned, you'll look back on this game with loathing a few months from now when every aspect of it (visuals, gameplay, feature etc) will be showcased in a vastly superior shell.

So, do you buy it? If you don't already have it on a previous generation console, sure. It is a great way for you to get into golf for the time being. If you still have a copy of it lying around somewhere, don't trade it in for this. It might be visually superior, but you'd be better waiting until EA unleash their 2007 range of sports titles.

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