Amazing, incredible golf experience

User Rating: 9.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 PSP
As a die hard Hot Shots fan (on PS2 and PSP) I was reluctant to give this game a shot. A veteran of the three button press shots, I was unsure I could handle the tiny PSP stick. Well it hasn't been easy but I'm definitely enjoying my first foray into the land of Tiger Woods golf. For all those whiners out there complaining about how tough the game is or the tricky putting I say suck it up cupcake and practice. This game has a lot of playability as you purchase new clubs, try new courses and meet new rivals. My only complaint is the thousands of items in the pro shop. I mean does one really need a headband in six different colours? I think not. What I did enjoy was the customization of your golfer. I am a person who can spend hours customizing and this game did not disappoint. As for the games, they are tough but with a couple of tries, you can have success. Perhaps other Tiger Woods titles are better but for now I'm enjoying PGA Tour 06 and all of the challenges it presents.