This game failed in comparison to its predecessor. putting--good, everything else--not as good, courses--rehashed

User Rating: 4 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 XBOX
As i pointed out, the putting was much improved, especially the grid, but the loss of stance was a big disappointment. I play golf and stance is very important in the game. I did like the loss of spin control when using lower clubs, but again if i am hitting a four iron and don't want it to skid off the green i put the ball up in my stance. With the exception of the stance option this made coming into the green with a low iron impossible. Do you really think Tiger can't control a four iron? Did anyone on the development team watch the Masters last year? Also, course selection was very poor. I want new courses, not rehashed links from two years ago. Did you really think we would forget??? try again guys, and this time put some heart into it.