Just plain horrible!

User Rating: 2.5 | Thunderhawk: Operation Phoenix PS2
this game is disastrous, horrible, makes no sense, and would get my vote for worst game of the year.

gameplay: unbeleivebly complicated controls, so hard to intake, impossible to master make this game 50 times harder. not much variety usually just a basic snow level, desert, green/mountains, night vision, bog, could've used much more variety.

graphics: not impressive at all, the landscapes appear to be paper paintings, everything seems the same, no detail in the landscapes.

sound: decent machine gun sounds, music is too bland and to vibrant for the game.

overall this game is not worth your time to even play, if you rilly like combat helicopter games try this at your dumb friends house(he/she is dumb for getting this game)or get it (if yur a retard) from your local McDonalds(comes in the kids meal)