User Rating: 7.5 | Thunderhawk: Operation Phoenix PS2
This game is difficult and the payoff can seem small sometimes. Yet, if you recognize and accept what the game is, a very strategy based, tactician-type game, you will find some pleasure here. This problem stems from the style of most other helicopter games where you scroll through levels of endless waves of enemies (R-Type style) with very little realism whatsover. What you will find with ThunderStrike is a very detail-oriented game and an honest attempt at what it must be like to comand a gunship. You have to account for the mission, the terrain, the types of enemies, the choice of weapons, the priorities while in battle, etc.. Overall, the game does a great job of providing you with a very interesting mix of realism and challenging gameplay. The game is not all perfect and not for everyone, but there is something about this game that struck me as being fun and definately challenging.