Surprisingly Fun!

User Rating: 8 | Thor: God of Thunder 3DS
What most people would expect out of Thor: God of Thunder is a lackluster experience, yet anyone who bought this game would be very surprised. The story starts off kind of reminiscent of the movie at first, but it changes and gets a bit confusing. The story isn't really a problem, it is just forgettable. The gameplay is what makes this game shine. Anyone who has played God of War or any of those button mashing game that gives you the ability to level up, Thor is basically that game. The buttons are pretty responsive. The further you get in the game you will notice a few glitches. The most annoying glitch is when you are beating an enemy up they don't seem to be affected. All you need to do is walk away and come back. That is the only glitch that stands out and it really doesn't get in the way of the enjoyment of the game. The camera angle at first throws you off as it is too close, but you get use to it. The graphics are decent, not the greatest and if you have played other games on the 3DS like Zelda or Starfox there is a noticeable difference. All in all, the game is fun to play, especially when leveling up and battling.