Epic Fail! I was looking for something mindless to play when I bought this...but at least render correctly!

User Rating: 3 | Thor: God of Thunder X360
Thor the Video game isn't really based on the happenings of the movie at all. It rather plays out more like a Prequel if you ask me.

You're Thor. Asgard is under attack by the Frost people, and it's your job to save the place. Manipulated by Loki, you set free a Monster that attacks Asgard in stead of helping you save it. Now you need to find a way to destroy it too.

The story is okay. Sadly the acting sucks and the timing on the acting is disgusting! The graphics are really dated and sometimes I actually had a lot of rendering issues where there are some floating pixels around Thor, or the landscape is all mushy. It was just not cool.

The fighting is okay. It's a basic button masher with some combinations doing specific stuff. I guess that's one good thing about the game. There's a pretty decent amount of upgrades, but nothing to say "wow" about. it's really just okay.

The game is really really hard. Actually the difficulty isn't right. Playing on normal on this game is like playing on Hard on any other game. It's just not realistic!

Bad game. Really...