User Rating: 1 | Thor: God of Thunder PS3
There is a reason why I LOATHE games that coincide their release to movies. And this is a PERFECT example of one.

Nothing that this game has to offer in terms of gameplay, graphics, music will JUSTIFY the cost of $45 or so that I bought the game.

I literally felt ripped off and to be honest, I somewhat knew what I was getting myself into.

I am a comic book junkie and I wanted to support the franchise and I was wrong. If you want to support the movie, watch the movie again. If you want to support the comics, buy it. BUT DO NOT BUY or RENT this game.

The combat is completely shallow. There is very little delineation of story line and action sequence. Combat punishes YOU and I have no idea why there were Quicktime Sequences in this game?! It makes no sense... I can't get past the horrible controls and mediocre game play.

If you are RICH and BORED OF LIFE, this game is for you. BUT for those who crave sanity, stay away from this. After I am done with this review I am going to sell it to Game Stop for 40% what I paid for and consider this a lesson learned.