Literally the best superhero game ever made!!! BUY IT NOW! Ignore bad reviews it's TROLL campaign by DC comics

User Rating: 10 | Thor: God of Thunder X360
This game is the best superhero game ever made, without a doubt my personal favourite of all time.

I really like the combat mainly, it was extremely varied and gives you many choices of how to progress through the game. It has a massive environment in which you can enact your fantasy of being the god of thunder. Thor is truly a magnificent pleasure to control and use as a weapon of mass destruction against the evil-doers of Asgard!

This game gets lot of negative reviews but I dont see why, it is fantastic game and extremely good to play. I get achievements and I enjoy getting them so what is problem with this? Thor is my favourite superhero and I playing as him is better than I ever imagined it to be he is the best and so is this game!!!!

I recommend this game to everyone, and make sure you to buy 2 extra copies for all of your friends!!! they will truly appreciate you for giving them an amazing present like Thor God of Tundor?