A quirky world with even more quirky characters.

User Rating: 8.5 | Thomas Was Alone VITA
Thomas was alone is a game that grabs your heart and makes you fall in love with simple ideas and simple shapes with anything but personalities.

Thomas is a a small red rectangle that you will be hard pressed to forget, Thomas and his entourage of friends quickly present how just how full of life, ambition, humour, characteristics and gripes with themselves becomes a little tale of camaraderie, all beautifully performed by Assassins creed englishman Danny Wallace. As you control all the different shapes throughout the stages you become more attached by each shape and how they feel towards each other, while being stalked by a mysterious black blob of pixels.

As you progress you notice how each shape's ability helps and supports other members of the team, this with clever level design makes the level a little challenging but not brain wrenching which for the Vita version is ideal because you can easily get through a level per train ride into work and back. As for this being on the Vita platform its perfect. with the tight controls and that OLED screen its got to be one of the systems pushers along with its other shape game Sound shapes.

If your a Playstation Plus member (for GB at least) I implore you to download this right now! Its free, what more of a reason do you want! If your not still do it you get the cross play functionality and with cloud save you'l never have to worry about save imports.

Thomas Was alone gives players a refreshing breather on gaming by being simple at its core and giving a complex, compelling experience that is sure to put a smile on your face by the end of this shape filled adventure.