Almost all of the stuffed animals are invited to the tea party

User Rating: 7 | Thomas Was Alone PC
I bet you can still remember some of the faces of the shleps you grew up with. But who knows, maybe your story is different. Maybe you were raised by wolves or were locked in the basement until you were 28. Asking you about friendship would be like asking my cat about how to shave gonads properly.

Thomas Was Alone is a platformer puzzle type game, which deals with a strange sort of companionship that doesn't exist in real life. Like the show Friends or Seinfield. Characters that have such varying personality types that somehow manage to put with up each other. Of course in Thomas Was Alone the characters are not humans, their shapes. So I guess personality types in this situation is flushed down the toilet.

If the Wicked Witch of My Butt changed you into a walking stiffy for the rest of your life, then one day you stumbled across another walking stiffy; seeing that you're the only two living stiffy's in the world, you'd probably be friends with that prick regardless of his current state of mind. Well, I'm sure life as a stiffy would probably make you go insane as well, but whatever!

Each shape has a different skill on the battlefield and the goal is to get each piece to its designated slot located on the other side of the level. There's some platform jumping involved, but the biggest obstacle (besides all those porn spam windows that keep popping up in front of your game) is the teamwork aspect. The shapes must help eachother or Mission Impossible 5 will never be complete.

The beginning levels, essentially the first 40, are too easy. And often times you'll figure out how to complete the level, for instance what shapes need to move where and in what order, but the process of carrying out those movements is quite boring and tedious. Not like in Braid. In Braid you'll either sit there staring at the puzzle piece thinking about how to get it, or you'll jack off to some trial and error, but once you figure it out the puzzle piece is in your hands and you can move on.

Overall I like Thomas Wasn't Alone. It has a fuzzy warm quality about it like playing with a furby for the first time. But in a few days your dog will find it and chew it all to hell.

Hey. When all is said and done. I bow down to your superior johnson.