A short but simple puzzle-platformer that's worth playing

User Rating: 7.5 | Thomas Was Alone PC
For an Indie game I was quite impressed how good Thomas Was Alone for a game which was on PC/Steam to begin with and then getting a release on PS3 and PS Vita a few months later. For a puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone does a great job with its story-telling and its puzzles based on those rectangle shapes you'll come across.

The plot is based on a company called Artificial Life Solutions experiments with various artificial intelligence solutions, but a network connection spike in their facility causes some AIs to become self-aware. These AIs perceive themselves and the world as a 2D space with themselves represented as quadrilaterals. One of them is called Thomas who is represented as a red rectangle. Thomas is curious and observant by nature, and possesses an average jumping height. He starts to travel through his internal world, trying to find out his own purpose and perhaps companionship. Thomas meets other different shapes like Chris, Larry, Laura, Claire and Sarah each of these shapes you'll meet will have a different ability.

Using the space bar to jump and the directional pad to move you can move the rectangles across the level, in order to clear the level you need to get the rectangles to their goal/destination seems straight forward wrong most of the levels will require some thinking some can be turned upside down and some levels you'll need help with other rectangles shapes.

What really shines about Thomas Was Alone is the 2D-8bit graphics which have been used for this game, the visuals look really stunning when it comes to gameplay and description which has been used at the beginning of each level. The narrating is voiced by Danny Wallace who pretty much tells the story which actually is really good to listen along with the relaxation music used in the background as well during gameplay.

It is a bit of shame that not many people would have heard of this game, but it's one of those short delightful games that's worth checking out if you have a Steam account or even a PSN account if you to download it on your PS3 or PS Vita.