A good solid experience

User Rating: 8 | Thief PC

I won't write a long review for this like I normally do. But I will say this, do not be discouraged by the reviews claiming the game is buggy and poorly optimized, there is more people who can play the game fine with very minimal lag. This is due to people blaming a game rather than their "poorly optimized" PC, the people who overclock and don't take care of their system and file structure on a HDD. And especially people who spend all their cash on hardware that is expensive but not good.

Thief (2014) continues the story of Garrett a loner and a master thief who has had many adventures in the past in the mysteriously named city called "The City". And this time around he has gotten himself into another plot, silly Garrett.

The game introduces you to the world well, and gives you easy tutorials into how to use the game mechanics. And quickly introduces you to the lore pretty quickly, you learn about important people within 3 minutes of starting which helps relate to things later on in the game.

This is helped by the moody atmospheric darkness of The City and great use of lighting (which is manipulated to shroud yourself in darkness to hide or plot your next steps or attack), and the well placed paths you can take, there is many ways to get somewhere, the direct route, the scenic route and even the go through the houses route.

The game is replayable as there is hidden items to find, puzzles to solve and thief challenges to be met, and you can revisit a story area at any time to do these. Which helps in gaining money and perk points to boost Garrett's abilities which will increasingly help in later missions.

The Game Engine is designed well, again people who have had immense lag are either suffering for an unfortunate problem with hardware combinations or software conflicts, or with the usual riff raff with people who think they understand about computer hardware so well that they actually don't and rather blame a game than themselves. And thankfully the developers have realized that more and more people have 64bit OSes these days and a 64bit binary is a welcome addition for those with adequate RAM (x32 binaries only allow a maximum of 4GB to be used - thats RAM and GDDR (GPU) together).

The sounds are equally spooky and add to the atmosphere of the game.

Oh look I did write a long review after all, anyways to finish off I give the game 8/10 and well worth having in your collection, just don't believe the rubbish some people have been writing they have been doing this for years, and also remember everyone has different tastes.