Piece of sh*t

User Rating: 2 | Thief PC

The new Thief, man....what a piece of shit. As soon as this immature goth girl shows up at the beginning I find myself wanting to bash her skull in merely for existing. Nice updated art design in the environs though, if limited in color palette. The level spaces are so surprisingly linear for a map that is difficult to navigate--I gave up looking for the route to the destination in chapter two, after I had explored seemingly every nook and cranny in the bottom half of the map, ground to roof, with the clumsy controls and limited avenues of movement. Stealing is boring, with tiresome animations for picking up each little object and ridiculous button mashing for each window, some of which don't stay open but others do. Stealing doesn't seem integral to the story, so not only its boring but pointless except to stock the collection at your hideout. Health, focus and weapon items are few and far between, so most of the time I had to go without. The character of Garrett is missing his trademark voice and soul from Dark Shadows. It took 4 separate playing times to get through the first chapter, because the incentive to continue was essentially nonexistent, and I loved Deadly Shadows. I'm done, time to uninstall it and sneak around in Farcry 3 instead.