Thief Questions... Come here!

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My name is Travis and I helped with the PrimaGames Guide for Thief and I'm here if anyone has any questions about the game after it comes out. Feel free to comment whatever questions you have and ill get back to you as soon as possible if not right away. Thank you.

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@cptkaneprima: on thief XBOX ONE what is the safe number for the big safe in the keep on chapter 4 after you push the two big buttons it give you a number 30,11,98 but it wont work what do i need to do to get in the safe i love the game but i got stuck if you can help thank you email me thank you!!

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@bigdaddyhise78: Ok, when you see the two different sets of safes, the first one on the right will be 3-1-9, you will get a cut scene and you must kill some gaurds but when your done and you get back to the safe, the next combination for the left side is 0-1-8. If this doesnt work please let me know.

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My audio and video are not in sync at all.Even my subtitles.How can I fix this?

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@MAYO95: You have changed everything in the settings screen correct?

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@cptkaneprima: I put everything in low quality but the issue is still there.The cut scenes still arent in sync at all.Everything else runs smooth but the cut scenes.

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@MAYO95: Are you using Steam for your game or a disk? You might need to update the game.

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i wish i had seen this before posting. for the trophies, does knocking out dogs during story chapters negate receiving the "moral victory" trophy? thanks.

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In the game there are some obelisks with buttons at the base that when pushed apparently do nothing but now I have found the documents that show these and the object in the case at Ectors and there seems to be a "mission"? called bits and pieces but I'm obviously missing something. I've pushed the buttons on all the obelisks and gone back to Ectors to get the key or whatever it is out of the case but I can't, you can't use any of your tools or weapons in Ectors place or on Ector so I can't get the object out of the case.So what am I missing?

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i am trying to figure out how to fully upgrade garret i have beaten all the story missions and the Queen wont sell me any more focus points any ideas????

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If anyone is still here... I am stuck in the sprint after the cutscene in the Study in the Friend in Need level (I think chapter 4?) In the cutscene the guards break down the door, Garrett runs out, crosses a beam to a balcony where there are guards with dogs, and then you get control back and can keep running. All the walkthroughs say "keep running" but I can never get even one second of play before I lose control again, there is a cutscene of the dogs attacking me and 'You are DEAD'. What am I doing wrong? Is there any way to skip past this part, as this has basically ended the game for me.