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This message is kind of off topic and different from all the problems and questions posted in these fora.

But, change is good, right?

So in this Topic, I Wanted to Introduce myself, and tell you what I do.

This is also the first time I write something like this.

I am IneGoesGaming. Small Time gamer who [u]Enjoyed[/u] playing the last released Thief!

Thats why I decided to record what I did. And upload it to YouTube.

I enjoy playing Games like these, and I want to share my pleasure in this with whoever wants to watch.

So if you are interested, and only if (Im not forcing you), you can click the link I'll put down below.

It contains the gameplay I've uploaded so far.

This is the link to the Playlist

This is the link to the entire channel

And Last But not Least: the introduction Video!

Thank you for reading this8

Stay Awesome!!