Not terrible but not so great either.

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Finally got around to playing Thief and as a big fan of the original games I have to say I found this one lacking in many areas. It looked amazing and the controls were fine. The story was just ok though and I felt like it ripped from the previous games too often and wasn't very imaginative on its own. There was also a very repetitive nature to the game that I found extremely annoying. Was it really necessary to have to push a beam out of the way every single time you squeeze through one of those narrow passages? Did we really need to pry open every window on both entry and exit? Actions that have to be repeated over and over like that lead to a feeling of tediousness that takes away from the experience instead of adding to it. The side missions in the game felt particularly lacking and were mostly very boring procedures. Break into the totally empty room, remove the object, and exit the room. Typically this could be accomplished without encountering a single enemy with no effort at all. There were some well thought out missions in the game but a number of them ended up feeling half completed. There is potential here but it has a long way to go to live up to the previous games in the series which is unfortunate. I feel this is a missed opportunity and although I enjoyed some of it, as a whole it's just an average gaming experience.