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I've completed the game missions, the client missions and all of Basso's jobs but a few questions remain. I do not have the game guide and these questions may be answered there but I usually don't buy them and probably won't buy one for this game either, so to the questions.

The obelisks with the buttons at the bottom. I have the documents( bait and switches) that show the obelisks with numbers on them so I went and pressed them in the order on the docs and then went to Ectors shop and although the item in the case highlights blue I can do nothing about it, are you supposed to be able to get it for use somewhere else or am I just wasting time here?

The documents called smugglers maps. I have looked all over for a switch as illustrated in one of these docs that looks like it opens a gate or maybe gives access to some safes to pick and although I'm pretty sure I'm looking in the right place I cannot find it anywhere. The other doc shows something about a switch over a bed and I haven't even started to look for that yet.

And finally the candles. What's with all the candles hidden all over the place? I can find them using focus and can light them with fire arrows and when I do I hear words like freedom, peace, death, and some names as well but what exactly are they for? What if any point is there to these things?