A brilliant and engrossing stealth games that makes modern games look sick.

User Rating: 9.5 | Thief: The Dark Project PC
Thief: The Dark Project is simply just plain fun. It's innovative, it's different, it can keep you thinking on how to strategize your way into a building. It's a brilliant and engrossing stealth games that makes modern games look sick.
Thief's gameplay is innovative and unique. Rather than just running around stabbing and hitting people, you sit quietly in the shadows, you plan out how you're going to get past these guards into the building there guarding, maybe you could put out the light by shooting it with a water arrow, then waiting for them to investigate the cause, wait until both guards are away from each other and WHACK. It's different than to most games, and thats what makes it so good.
They're good, nothing wrong with them. Of course, this is an 1998 game, you can't expect it to be superb. But for it's time, it's good. The frame rate gets a bit choppy though, and that is one of my pet hates.
SOUND: 9/10
The sound is magnificent. You'll walk on different surfaces and hear different, totally surreal sounds. Walking on carpet gives a soft and quiet plush sound, then walking on tiles gives a loud thumb sound. You must use the sound to your advantages of sneaking.
STORY: 9/10
I won't give away too much, but the story is great. It's heavy handed though, and tells it in a weird fashion that you'll really have to pay attention and not wonder off to get it.
When alot of characters appear on screen, things get choppy and laggy. This can be a concern, and diminish your game plan. Of course this usually only happens if you initiate combat, if you're just hiding within the dark shadows it usually doesn't happen.
I have heard that there are a few bugs in this game, and thats why they made a re-fixed model called Thief: Gold, but in my experience nothing of the sort happened.
Not every game needs a good set of unique characters to work, just like not every game needs a complex story to entertain, but Thief has both. Garret is a nicely done character that has a lot of unique personalities and traits. He's a more Hollywood version of Altair from Assassins Creed.
COMBAT: 10/10
Nowadays, hitting the attack button at an enemy until he dies would be boring. But on this game, the flow and movement of which Garret does is fun and interesting, and this simple yet fun combat is just as good as the complex combat on games like Dark Souls.
Although you can lay out your controls to how you see fit, the default controls work perfectly with my playing style, and thats one thing many games forget to have.
FORMULAE: Add up/10; 96 out of 100/ 10:
Overall level of performance: 9.6/10