A Great stealth game for pc as all the great elements that make it great but there was always the A.I.

User Rating: 9.7 | Thief: The Dark Project PC
Thief was a great game. people who love stealth will love this game. the story was not the best but the whey you played and the caution you must take. Unlike other games that use stealth as well as fighting you cant go gungho on everything. the game is well put together. There is an eritating mix modern technology when your playing in the mid-evil times. The objective is to get what your there for, not be seem, and get as much bounty as possible to get moneys. This game is a classic stealth and changed the way we looked as stealth games it was a classic the best of the series. If you find it get it. its hard to come by, but its a must have for any collection of PC games