Theif !! hmmmm !! its good !! but is it over rated a tad bit ?? 9.2 ?? dont think so !!

User Rating: 6.7 | Thief: The Dark Project PC
Yeah !! 9.2 is pritty damn over rated man !! its about 8.7 !! its an okay game !! abit too hadr on an easy mode and wayyyy hard for an harder mode !! i think that for its time the graphics are more capible than givin in this game !! okay every one reccomended it to me becuase it was a cheap stealth action !! right ?? okay !! the stealth bit is taken wayyy over the top from splineter cell !! being abit of a stealth game cuz its got action !! the stealth is too far !! like for instance ...... you cant be seen if your in shade, or like you cant be heard at all on carpets and not even on metal grounds if your quiet !! thats not what i would call interseting action !! would you ?? So the stealth side of the game isnt very impresive !! abit of creeping p behind backs and knifing a person down would be enough to class it down for stealth !! right now to the action bit !! okay this bit isnt as dissapointing as the stealth !! youve got the close up sword wars which are pritty good exept for if you get hit once your down !! and youve got the biw and arrow them down which is under rated because sometimes it can take a none armoured enemy 7 bows that are hit straight and streched to kill !!
Okay !! thats the hatred and down bits of the game !! ive tried to be nice !! but it deserved abit of telling off !! and maybe a third person shooter wouldnt of killed it either !! but ill put the moaning to a rest there and then !! now to the good bits to make people like it and want it because the good bits are juicy !! oh before the good bit one more bad thing !! THE GRAPHICS pritty much sucked !! AND it was wayy to hard (again) and took too long even on easeir mode !! the leraning curve was okay because of the traning other wise it was no good because i ended up skipping training at first :( lol !!
Hmmmmm goood bits... ?? okay !! the action !! heres a few good points on the action for you !! youve got the sword fights tht are pritty immence !! yeh ??it might take too many blows to take a garud down but otherwise its good !! the gamplay is goooood !! its easy adn straight forward !! now the story line is something i think was bad becuase i didnt get it one bit !! just random missions if youde ask me !! but !! from what the missions were !! that was goood !! interesting and action "stealth" misison !! lol !! right !! the last thing is the moves the guy has !! which im going to end with 10 words !! "he cant fight to save his life, hes too soft" !!
And that should conclude m spiffing veiws of thief !!
Theif 2 review coming soon i hope !! (Doubt it'll be good) !!