Still my number one game.

User Rating: 10 | Thief: The Dark Project PC
I am your number one fan. This is what I say to this game everytime I see it in my game library. First of all, graphics are a big huge plus times ten for this game. I loved the work on the stone on castles and walls and stuff. Awesome. What made the first game of Thief so amazingly wonderful was the fact that you did have to hide YES of course, but if you got caught, you did not have to start the level over. You could run, hide and then whack the guys who were chasing you. You could lure certain guys toward you; whack them until you thin them out and then loot, loot, loot. The other thing that made it so great was that it was a dark game that had a sinister attitude. It gave you this grave feeling that your character was evil but at the same time good but for selfish gain. Thirdly and almost most important was the horror aspect. In the dark halls, you had to avoid waking up zombies that would startle the hell out of you if they came around the corner. Then the monkey men trapezing around going heeee heee heeee. Finally and most phenomenally were the spiders. With that sound that they made when they got after you. Oh my. My blood would literally freeze when they would come. All this plus the bow and arrow that would zoom in on your target and get him with a one shot kill if he was unsuspecting PLUS leading up to the boss devil thing at the end made it just rule rule rule. No doubt about it. The game is a 10.