A excellent game, this game is the one that take me inside of the first person, action - adventure (fantasy) topic...

User Rating: 10 | Thief: The Dark Project PC
this game givesto us terror mainly and is amusing because of hes objetives and at some moments even produces desperation as “ahhhh I do not have blessed water” < - and zombis persecutes us. Another thing that is worth to mention is that it has a excellente plot, that even continuous perfectly in the newest games -what it gives a special touch to him- in addition its thousands to varied objects that even take to you to create them in molds being used the correct combination of materials, elaborated arms affluent -as it is the action to stun and later to assassinate with the dagger- in addition, the very human actions for those times of technology - still they even surprise the face expressions to me of deadly shadows- and finally the narrative voice that makes of this game a gold history.

And the last thing is that this game is very interesting, when you play it 1 time you need to play it more and more, because you want to know what will happen to Garrett.