Great concept but could be better.

User Rating: 8 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
Personally I like the kind of movies that that people pull off these great heists, so this is the best that I can come close to enjoying doing them myself.

I'd like to point out that this game is fun, addictive, and a good idea. There are some things that I didn't like however which I'll share. Loading screens suck, and constantly needing to switch screens, at a minimum you need to switch at least 100 times or so it seemed. Each screen takes about 30+ seconds for me at least regardless of pc stats I don't think it could benefit and load faster with a massive rig. That time adds up so I'm almost at about half an hour alone in load times. Getting rid of them or at least minimizing them to a second or two would be a great increase to game play and it wouldn't hinder the excitement like it currently does.

Next gracefully actually they created a texture remake so that the graphics are better than they were so it isn't that bad and really the graphics were just what I wanted so it didn't matter so much. The problem mostly I had with graphics is that objects can and did fall through the floor a lot. That is one of the most annoying things ever. About to get the loot and then it's gone under the floor where you can reach let alone see.

Getting out of the bad let me brag about the good, overall this game couldn't be that bad that it kept me playing for the entire weekend with a total time of somewhere between 40 and 100 hours. Thieving is a great game idea that hasn't really be implemented at all before. Either stealing from a safe, somebody's room or even right off the belt of a citizen. Loot varies as well from packs of coins or even giants opals. Following a great loot system the story is also interesting. It involves a group called the "Keepers" and then two separate factions known as the Pagans, and the Hammerites. The main story involves the keepers but you can do side missions with either of the other factions.

Weaponry is consistent with that of the medieval time, where cloak and dagger comes into effect. My favorite is the bow, because it comes with more than just steel tip ammo. In fact there are 5 different types of arrows you can use, and each has its own unique property that can be taken advantage of at certain points. Firstly the steel tipped arrow is good for simply killing the opponent unfortunately the downer is that for a headshot or one hit kill it is crucial that you hit them dead on. One little pixel lower of a certain spot it will only hit their neck and you already blew your cover. Second is a water arrow which you start off with at the beginning of the game and learn that it's important for a thief to be in the shadows. So in order to accomplish that throughout the game you must extinguish the torches, also there are more light sources such as candles which only require you to click them to put them out, and the most annoying one of them all is the electric lights which your just out of luck with (Fireplaces also produce a little amount of light but aren't substantial enough to cause a problem).

The third ammunition you can get is the moss arrow which when shot at the ground, more so over metal flooring which causes noise, then gives the impression that enemies can not only sense by viewing but by hearing as well. Of course these aren't needed because sneaking places causes no sound but if you shoot them close enough to an enemy standing around or chasing you, they will start to choke on the moss that forms when they hit something, this I found out by accident and when I finally realized someone wasn't chasing me after I shot one of those arrows I went back and saw them coughing a lot. One of the last types is the noise maker arrow, simply just shoot them and boom fire crackers distract the guard which allows for you to sneak by. Lastly the lesser used arrows are made of fire. They cause massive damage but cause a lot of noise which attracts attention from any bystander.

Something I wish was upgradeable was the dagger which is the main weapon that does ok damage but it should be able to obtain a bigger blade. The black jack is the alternative to spraying blood around, just sneak up behind someone and bop them on the head. Hiding bodies is also a good idea in some areas because maybe enemy allies will notice they are lying on the ground! Finally the last notable weapon is the flash bang grenade; their more ideal for a quick getaway or easy undead kills.

Along with a good amount of weaponry there isn't short on enemies either; Fish monsters that bear swords, Hammerites in chain mail with sledgehammers, Egyptian jackal enemies etc. Each appears in different areas that follow the main quest line. While as stated the load times are a nuisance but the map itself is pretty big, a little confusing to navigate since the map doesn't indicate where you are and the compass determines where you are at the beginning but eventually you just know where you're going. To sell the hard earned loot you need to fences are scattered around the city, and merchants are around too. Each will only sell certain things and only buy certain things so you need to get used to where all of them are.
Finally and lastly lock picking is a fun little mini game which may get a little annoying mostly since my game bugged out when I tried to open one of the crucial doors couldn't be opened by picking it, luckily I had climbing gloves…not giving too much into those you will just need to play to figure that out yourself.

I can recommend this game and I hope the 4th game will be even better.