Thief has to be the best stealth game.......ever!

User Rating: 10 | Thief: Deadly Shadows XBOX
When i got Thief III, i'd never tried the previous two. It was a completely new thing to me which i happened to buy because it was cheap. And i have to say, it was one of the best decisions ive ever made.
From just playing the tutorial at the start of the game, you can see the amazing graphics. The characters are life-like, the environments are very detailed and have a dark feel to them, and the lighting system is very realistic and is what makes this game stand out.
The story of Thief is awesome, grabbing my attention immediately and not letting me drop the controller until i'd completed the game. The way you walk around quarters of the city, hiding from the guards, trying to steal something or get somewhere is very fun. And the fact that you can mug random pedestrians on the street is excellent, and the chases from the guards thrilling.
The game is pretty lengthy, taking you through a story where you are Garrett, a legendary Thief. Every mission in the game is extremely fun and entertaining, with a few levels that stand out. The Cradle mission has to be one of the scariest levels in a game ever! And levels like The Museum have to be some of the funnest.
As for the AI in the game, it can be stupid at times, but very funny. If a guard is close on your tail, and you run past a door, if you open that door but keep running, the guard will run into the door. Which is strange and reminds me of Goldeneye. And sometimes the pedestrians get 'stuck' and are just walking into a box or something.
The dialogue in the the game is hilarious. Like if a guard is chasing you, and you run into some shadows to hide, he'll come searching saying "Hiding in the Shadows? Whatever will they think of next.." And if you are up high, in a balcony for example, and you throw a dead body down onto a guard, he'll scream, take out his sword, and start rambling on looking around. It may not sound funny, but trust me, when you're playing it, its hilarious.
As for the gadgets in the game, there are plenty. For example, there are moss arrows which you can shoot at people to make them choke, or shoot at the ground so that you can tread softer. Each gadget makes the games very fun, and gives you loads of different ways in which to complete missions.
Anyway, overall the game is spectacular. Its is definitely convincing me to buy and play the previous two Thief games.