Thief: DS Brief

User Rating: 8.7 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
I didnt get to play through this game completly, so my review might be a bit slanderous. however, i still can shed some light on the main traits this game is made up of.
the graphcis seemed polished and decent. By todays standards they would be falling behind and HDR would have looked very nice, but this apart, it still can be nice to look at.
the sound has support for the surround hi-def thing, so thats good too.
the actual gameplay is pretty user friendly, but i found some parts that took a bit of keyboard jabbing to figure out. also the lock picking was kind of a bi*ch to learn, but thats ok too.
they put in some really cool Sam Fisher hiding moves and basically defined sneaking. so expect awesome kills and fights.
basically were looking at a game that should be checked out by the hardcore and the not-so-hardcore gamers. the series wouldnt be the same without this new addition...even if its not so new anymore.