I typically don't like stealth games, even some of the "greats" like Splinter Cell, but I do like this game.

User Rating: 9.1 | Thief: Deadly Shadows PC
I have always enjoyed action games or others that have a little bit of the stealth gameplay, but only on the side. Sometimes I found them too repetitive............other times it was too dark! (can't see where the heck I'm going (: ), but most of the time, I was just bored to death waiting for the patrols and you were always locked in a mission.(Thief lets you do some side quest in the city and such vs. Splinter Cell, for example). I'd given up all hope on these games, but then a friend of mine recommened Thief and I played it on the XBOX. To my surprise, I like the game...then my XBOX broke. Anyway, I got it on the PC later on and only recently. What's good about Thief, as I mentioned before is the freedom of it. You can have your own way of completing each mission. In Splinter Cell, it was almost like I was trapped and a lot of times felt like I had to follow everything to the letter. I play a mission once and play it the same way the next time kind of deal. The storyline's not half bad, and oh, another aspect of the game that's important- the difficulty. I think it's just set about right. Splinter Cell- follow everything exactly or else "game over"(plus the controls were evil I thought).
I recommend this game to almost anyone. Try the demo out; it's part of the game actually (so it's not like two different experiences) and give it a try.