Worst simulation ever!

User Rating: 1 | Theme Park 2001 PS2
Theme Park Roller Coaster is like riding the centrifuge for six hours, getting out and stepping in dog poop. It's painful, sickening, and just plain not fun. You want a theme park simulation? Don't buy this! You're better off licking the tracks on a real roller coaster. At least you'll get the flavour of a theme park. With Theme Park Roller Coaster, you don't get the sights, sounds, feel, flavour, or a single whiff of a theme park. It's like walking into Six Flags, only to find that it's become a crappy computer rendering filled with big-headed, freckle-faced children. With these crap graphics and a lousy ride selection to boot, Theme Park Roller Coaster delivers everything you hope you never get from a roller coaster: nausea, pain, and boredom