A good game for those who like variety and create their own stuff, but too boring sometimes

User Rating: 6.5 | Theme Park 2001 PS2
O.k. I know this reveiw might be a little late, but I may as well do it now for the cause. Theme park roller coaster is a great game for those who like a variety of options or who like to create their own theme park. This game will probably remind you of thrillville or the sims. I'll tell you the up's and down's. First of all the gtameplay was pretty good. Although it may not seem like much, it's pretty fun and you have to keep track of a lot of things ( money, quality of park etc.). The basic gameplay let's you fill this large lot with nothing but a few hills and such near the back with a whole bunch of things you would normaly see in a theme park. You can put rides,tours,side shows,decorations,foodstands,baloon and costume stands,and of course,roller coasters. Now as you might think, you can put all these things in any single arangement. Although you don't have an avatare or person to walk around and do the work, you explore you'r park in a first person veiw, play the side shows, and ride the rides, including your coasters. It's especially fun when you create your coaster. Unlike in thrillville, you can put your coaster anywhere you want in the park. And you can do a lot of custimization to them too. You can ajust the hight, twist the tracks, and add on loops, I mean, what's a coaster without loops? There was minimal music in all parks, but to make up for that, there are amazing sound afects. The graphics were pretty good at the time it came out, right now their ok enough but a little square at the same time. It really wouln't take you that long to create all eight parks, but your so busy that you probably wont even notice it. As I just mentened, there are eight parks you can crate in the game. Every two parks in the game will have the same theme, but you don't create both parks of the same theme right after anather, that would be boring. The four different themes are: lost kingdom (jungle), land of wonder (wonder land), halloween (by itself), and space zone (space). Overall I think this game deserves a 7.0, although it probably wont last you long, it is entertaining enough for the time it will give you.